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ANTOR LogistInWeb is a new Web-oriented software platform of the “ANTOR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS” company which integrates all the key technologies of ANTOR in the field of transport logistics management, GPS tracing and tracking of vehicles, sales representatives’ management, geoinformation analysis and many other solutions.

 Now ANTOR enterprise level software solutions are available to businesses of any size worldwide. ANTOR Group – one of the leading IT holdings specializing in development, sale and implementation of analytical business applications based on geoinformation technologies. These software products will allow to dramatically increase overall performance of logistic, sales, marketing and service divisions of your company.

 The ANTOR LogistInWeb platform supports the SaaS model (Software as a Service). Our clients are paying only for the program services and resources they are really used. According to expert estimates SaaS model of information systems implementation makes summary saving of IT budgets from 9 to 20%.

 On this portal you can register your company account, download the client application for MS Windows, control a list of services needed for your business, get resources statistical reports, and automatically receive updates. After profile registration we provide free-of-charge trial period. By using the software, you accept the Terms and conditions.

Estimate advantages of the ANTOR technologies right now.

Follow the Registration and client Installation manual

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